TS Spiderman Ballistic Bag

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TS Spiderman Ballistic Back Pack

A very light weight bag which weighs approximately 3.6 lbs with the Kevlar panel inside the bag.

Thyk Skynn custom cuts all Kevlar panels to perfectly fit each back pack specifically.  This ensures that your child has the most protective surface area possible.  Thyk Skynn also individually sews in each panel into the bag keeping it from plain sight.

This way your child will not see the panel and be able to remove it or take away the innocence of the child and continue their imagination.

We tell our children at TS “If there is a bad guy with a gun, Listen to your Teacher/Adult and cover your body with Spiderman.”

The Level 3A Panel is also puncture and slash proof.

Hiding Protection in plane site is what we do best at Thyk Skynn.





Weight 3.7 lbs


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