Although School shootings aren’t exactly new territory, recent shootings have become deadly. As of September 2021, school shootings have spiked 300%. This is the highest number of mass shootings since 1970.

School shootings are truly a sad tragedy bringing death and injuries to learning facilities we believe to be a safe-haven for our children. Unfortunately, parents will not always be present to protect their children, but you do have the control to protect them as much as you can.

In response to the mass shootings happening inside and outside of America, interests in bulletproof backpacks spike after every school shooting. It is not surprising that people are compelled to choose a ballistic backpack as our new normal is rapidly changing.

When you initially think of purchasing bulletproof backpack for your child, it may sound reactionary and paranoid. But when you think a second longer you may realize sadly, in today’s time a learning institution has now been considered “a dangerous place”. As well as the paths leading to and from school. You then come to grips with the mere fact that at any moment, your child’s school can be next in tomorrow’s headlines.

We as humans are much more afraid of risks when you do not have any control. As we look for ways to give us feeling of control. Bulletproof protection is not a solution to gun violence. A bulletproof backpack is just another tool to combat potential horrific incidents. All we can do is take care of the ones we love and the ones around us.

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