“The bulletproof accessory will be the seatbelt to the firearm.”

The automobile was first manufactured in 1885-86.  However, the patent for the seatbelt was granted in 1955.  Shocking, the automobile existed 30 years before enough people were injured or died in a vehicle accident before man invented a solution to the tragic problem.

The firearm has and will always be a threat to humanity. Especially when it is in the wrong hands.  Majority of violent crimes caused by people with firearms have deep regret following the incident. Given time to reflect on the situation and consequences they now face. A practical ballistic vest or bag would work as the seatbelt to the firearm.

When you enter your vehicle, do you put on your seatbelt expecting to get into a car accident? Do you carry a spare tire expecting to get a flat? These are questions we do not think about often. The answer is no. You use these items as a “Just in Case” to protect and prepare yourself beforehand.

Owning a bulletproof accessory is not because you expect to be shot. It is due to you being aware of the amount of people who carries a firearm has gone up drastically since the beginning of the pandemic. Mostly to those who are not trained and equipped to use or have one. “Protection Just in Case.”

Given the continuous evolving technology, one day vehicles based on luxury and price will include a matching ballistic vest. Exactly how your vehicle now comes with a spare tire. Just in Case you are to get a flat, you are prepared.

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